HGSA are offering members the chance to win a years free membership!

As part of the move to our new website and membership database we have added some additional optional demographic fields to our member records.  To ensure the data we hold is accurate, we need you, our members, to check and update your details.  If you do so by the end of June, you will be entered into a free draw to have your membership paid for 2024!

To update your details:

  1. Please ensure you are logged into the HGSA website then go to My account and select the About Me tab. 
  2. Go through each of the displayed panels, completing any blank fields and updating any incorrect information by clicking on the pencil icon. 
  3. When you have updated all the sections, select the current date in the Details Updated field and click save.


All records with a completed Details Updated field will be entered into the draw and winner announced in the first HGSA Newsletter in July.